Medical record clean-ups & record matching

In partnership with Just Associates, Imprivata can offer your organization a single platform for patient identity through medical record clean-up and patient matching optimization. This improves patient identification by:

Imprivata enables you to achieve accurate patient identification through:

  • EMPI integration – Improve the investment your organization has made in its EMPI by leveraging biometrics as the ultimate way to match patients to their records. Due to the vast Imprivata partner ecosystem, your organization can integrate biometrics with an existing EMPI solution to improve the accuracy of finding and matching patient records.
  • Medical record clean-up – Leverage MPI clean up services, which include data analysis, detailed reporting, and record cleansing, in order to identify and resolve duplicate medical records and overlays, as well as enable an EHR transition.
  • Patient matching optimization – Benefit from a unique service that leverages knowledge of industry systems to enhance performance through improved patient matching capabilities, increased duplicate record identification, and enhanced operational output. The end result is better data integrity across the healthcare enterprise and a higher level of patient care.

Benefits and capabilities:

Medical record clean-up services for duplicate and overlay resolution

The solution will offer your organization:

  • A detailed proposal of your organization’s goals and best practices for achieving them
  • Customized data analysis to determine true duplicate and overlay medical records
  • Provide detailed reporting on the findings of the data assessment and recommendations for moving forward
  • Options for analyzing the MPI and for finding the right solutions for identifying and correcting duplicate medical records and other data integrity issues within your systems

Industry experts and HIM professionals with a deep knowledge of all systems

Our expert team, featuring Just Associates HIM professionals, will:

  • Oversee the extraction of data from your systems and complete a data analysis of duplicates and overlays
  • Review, validate, and research all possible duplicates
  • Resolve duplicates with our duplicate record workflow tool
  • Complete merges of confirmed duplicates in all systems
  • Provide a summary of data integrity issues and enable your organization with process improvements for future use